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The Evaporative Cooling System (ECS) system has been designed to cool stables, farms and sheds in general.

Its operation is based on the physical process of evaporation of the water that finely evaporates instantly and removes heat from the environment.This system works with a pressure of 60 bar (870 PSI). With this pressure and the environment heat, combined with a low relative humidity, we obtain what is called "flash evaporation" and the consequent lowering of the temperature.

Unlike other adiabatic systems, the ECS system is also used in brooding area, which is perhaps the most important phase in chicken life. This system guarantees, in dry areas, the maintenance of a constant relative humidity for the first weeks of life of the chicks. It is not a system joined to ventilation and it can also be used in sheds with few ventilation or open sheds. In this way, it is possible to obtaine good results, also in sheds where it would be impossible to install a common adiabatic system.

The ECS system can also be used for disinfection inside the shed.

Cooling panel

The cooling boxes are made of anodic aluminum profiles and cooling panels for summer cooling. The air passage through the cooling panel, made possible by the depression created by the fan inside the shed, generates the evaporative principle, thanks to which it is possible to obtain a reduction in temperature with minimum energy expenditure.

We produce cooling boxws of all sizes, adapting to the needs of the breeder.