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Light trap and Inlet
Water Treatment And Disinfection
Security system
Electrical Rooms And Accessorises
Opening And Lifting Systems
Oliodinamics Controller

All our electrical panels are made of high quality materials and brands of primary importance.

We provide consulting, planning and realization.

The choice of materials and the correct design guarantee the durability of our electrical panels, which are designed to be compatible with the modern breeding system, which requires efficiency, safety and high quality.

The panels are manufactured in compliance with CE, 50 HZ and 60 HZ standards.

The design is handled internally by our technical department based on the needs of the customer.

Energy Meeter

The energy meeter is a network analyzer that allows to control the voltage between phase / phase and phase / neutral, it also allows the reading of the Ampere absorption, the consumption of active and reactive energy, the control of the cosfì and the control of the Hertz.

These consumption data are shown on trend pages (graphs) and can be downloaded to external memory through a USB port.