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TL inlet

PVC inlet, with aerodynamic shape, suitable for flat and inclined roofs, with cable adjustment. It allows the entry of a large amount of air in the hot months and ensures excellent regulation of minimum ventilation. Ideal for all environments.

The TL inlet has been designed to optimize the microclimate within the sheds. Made of PVC and aluminum, it is ideal for resisting corrosive agents over time. Its aerodynamic shape allows greater air entry with minimal friction.


We produce partial blackout systems, better known as "Brown", this type of blackout panel is used where total darkness is not necessary (chickens for fattening and hens in aviary).

With the blackout panel, as tested for us by the Bess Lab, a sufficient darkening is obtained without sacrificing the static pressure of the shed, avoiding the addition of fans and a considerable energy saving compared to the use of traditional panel. We produce blackout panels for fans, tunnel doors and inlets.

Tunnel Door

The new vasistas window (Tunnel Door), in addition to the classic vasistas opening, has the possibility to open in the below part, sending a flow of air directly on the animals and avoiding mortality under vasistas and the rhombus effect of ventilation inside the shed.

The vasistas Tunnel Door window is made in various sizes according to the needs of breeders.