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Light trap and Inlet
Water Treatment And Disinfection
Security system
Electrical Rooms And Accessorises
Opening And Lifting Systems
Oliodinamics Controller
Multifunctional 4 in 1

CGM has created a new generation hydraulic pump, which allows, with a single pumping unit to move all the ventilation systems present in a shed (inlets and tunnel doors) and the HLS safety system connected to the lateral curtains.

This control unit allows us to regulate all these systems using a single motor placed outside the shed. Inside, the electric motors are replaced with hydraulic pistons, saving the electrical system.

The pistons for opening the inlets and the tunnel door will be controlled by the control unit in the shed. Instead, the HLS pistons will open the lateral curtains autonomously in the event of a blackout and close them when the electricity is restored.

HLS Single

Hydraulic unit that allows the functioning of the HLS safety system. It develops a power of 4000 kg (8000 LBS) for each piston.

The piston has a stroke of 1000 mm which, with a system of pulleys, can reach 1900 mm.

Inlet and tunnel door

Hydraulic unit that allows the opening of the inlets and tunnel doors independently with the use of a single motor.

Equipped with regulators for opening and closing speed.