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HP Winch

Our HP WINCH lifting system includes various types of electric gearmotors, complete with limit switches, with or without potentiometer, cable reels and wall or ceiling anchoring brackets.

We can assemble different types of lifting for feeders, drinkers, tunnel doors or inlets.

Two Step Winch

The product called "Two Step Winch" is a system designed to open the inlets of a shed in two steps.First step: brooding area. Second step: fattening.

As is known, in the poultry sheds, during the first step, the chicks are weaned inside the brooding area, providing a division of the shed into two parts and heating only the part used, saving energy. Also in this phase the ventilation must be used. With a common gearmotor, all the inlets would be opened, also the ones in the part of the not used shed, causing a major energy consumption.

With the Two Step Winch system you can manually select the part of the shed that you want to ventilate. In this case, the system will open only the inlets in the brooding area. In the next phase of fattening, with the use of the whole shed, the setting of the device will be modified, allowing all the inlets to be opened.

Two Step Winch can be used with any control unit.