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The new HLS hydraulic safety system represents an innovation in the field of security systems.

It is equipped with an hydraulic pump with oil tank and control system. It develops a power of 4000 kg (8000 LBS) for each piston. The piston has a stroke of 1000 mm which, with a system of pulleys, can reach 1900 mm.

The HLS security system is a big news on the market, easy to install and easy to use. HLS puts the farmer safe from the risks due to the lack of electricity, intervening in the event of a blackout, noticing the lack of a single phase or neutral, opening the windows and avoiding the asphyxiation of the animals.

The HLS safety system is equipped with a "TEST" button that allows the staff to check their operation, periodically or programmed, ensuring the correct operation of the equipment. The peculiarity of this safety system is the automatic closing of the windows, upon the return of electricity, without any intervention by the staff, restoring the normal operation of the shed.


The patented system TL1 is a security system designed to open modular windows in the event of a blackout. In farms that use forced ventilation, it is necessary to open the emergency windows, in the event of a power failure.

This opening, in some cases, was carried out with the help of additional energy sources (batteries), not always effective because the sources of additional energy did not guarantee the perfect efficiency of the system.

CGM SRL, with the TL1 system, overcames these problems, obtaining the patent as safety system because it is is completely mechanical.

In case of blackout, the intervention of a spring ensures the complete opening of the windows, bringing the necessary air inside the shed to ensure that the animals do not have asphyxiation problems. When the electric current is restored, the system is repositioned, as it was originally, automatically.

The TL1 system also provides an efficiency test button to periodically verify that the whole system is absolutely effective.