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Water Treatment And Disinfection
Security system
Electrical Rooms And Accessorises
Opening And Lifting Systems
Oliodinamics Controller
Anti-scale magnetic

The limescale magnetic system has the peculiarity of transforming calcite (limestone) into aragonite.

Calcite (limestone) molecules can join together and form encrustations present in all farms and represent a major problem for the drinking system.

Aragonite molecules do not have the possibility to join together or creating encrustations in pipes and drinking systems.

The limescale system, being magnetic, is produced with a natural magnet and does not require any type of electrical connection.

Spray Cabin

The CGM spray cabin is a disinfection system, which allows the disinfection of the person walking through it, before entering the shed, through an homogeneous spraying, made by many tiny 30 micron drops. The fog that is created, humidifies the person with a thin layer of water.

The spray cabin works automatically and is equipped with a photocell.

In addition, the cabin is equipped with a carpet for cleaning and disinfecting shoes.