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Modular window

The modular window is composed of anodized aluminum profiles, transparent element in alveolar polycarbonate, thickness 1 cm, central and lateral element in aluminum. Its opening is 90°.

It can be used with a manual system (PVC handle) or automatic (automated bar and gearmotors), ideal for any type of breeding.

Window Slats Reverse

Our FLR1 window has been designed to improve the tunnel door system.

With the inverted modules window you get an homogeneous air entry from top to bottom. This facilitates the elimination of the problem "blind spot or rhombus" at the beginning of the shed, as the window gives us a good flow of air at the level of the animals, even near the side walls, avoiding the points of maximum summer mortality.

The FLR1 window is also ideal for hens in the aviary as it can be closed with a flat net, not taking space in the shed and avoiding the exit of the hens from the window.