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Cooling panel

The cooling boxes are made of anodic aluminum profiles and cooling panels for summer cooling. The air passage through the cooling panel, made possible by the depression created by the fan inside the shed, generates the evaporative principle, thanks to which it is possible to obtain a reduction in temperature with minimum energy expenditure.

We produce cooling boxws of all sizes, adapting to the needs of the breeder.

Tunnel Door

The new vasistas window (Tunnel Door), in addition to the classic vasistas opening, has the possibility to open in the below part, sending a flow of air directly on the animals and avoiding mortality under vasistas and the rhombus effect of ventilation inside the shed.

The vasistas Tunnel Door window is made in various sizes according to the needs of breeders.

Window Slats Reverse

Our FLR1 window has been designed to improve the tunnel door system.

With the inverted modules window you get an homogeneous air entry from top to bottom. This facilitates the elimination of the problem "blind spot or rhombus" at the beginning of the shed, as the window gives us a good flow of air at the level of the animals, even near the side walls, avoiding the points of maximum summer mortality.

The FLR1 window is also ideal for hens in the aviary as it can be closed with a flat net, not taking space in the shed and avoiding the exit of the hens from the window.

ECS Fogger System

The Evaporative Cooling System (ECS) system has been designed to cool stables, farms and sheds in general.

Its operation is based on the physical process of evaporation of the water that finely evaporates instantly and removes heat from the environment.This system works with a pressure of 60 bar (870 PSI). With this pressure and the environment heat, combined with a low relative humidity, we obtain what is called "flash evaporation" and the consequent lowering of the temperature.

Unlike other adiabatic systems, the ECS system is also used in brooding area, which is perhaps the most important phase in chicken life. This system guarantees, in dry areas, the maintenance of a constant relative humidity for the first weeks of life of the chicks. It is not a system joined to ventilation and it can also be used in sheds with few ventilation or open sheds. In this way, it is possible to obtaine good results, also in sheds where it would be impossible to install a common adiabatic system.

The ECS system can also be used for disinfection inside the shed.

HP Winch

Our HP WINCH lifting system includes various types of electric gearmotors, complete with limit switches, with or without potentiometer, cable reels and wall or ceiling anchoring brackets.

We can assemble different types of lifting for feeders, drinkers, tunnel doors or inlets.

Automatic doors for Free Range and Bio hens

We create automatic doors for free range and bio farms to allow the animals to exit in the external area.

Light trap

We produce partial blackout systems, better known as "Brown", this type of light trap is used where total darkness is not necessary (chickens broiler and hens in aviary).

With the light trap "brown", as tested for us by the Bess Lab, a sufficient darkening is obtained without sacrificing the static pressure of the shed, avoiding the addition of fans and a considerable energy saving compared to the use of traditional panel. We produce blackout panels for fans, tunnel doors and inlets.

Limescale system

The limescale magnetic system has the peculiarity of transforming calcite (limestone) into aragonite.

Calcite (limestone) molecules can join together and form encrustations present in all farms and represent a major problem for the drinking system.

Aragonite molecules do not have the possibility to join together or creating encrustations in pipes and drinking systems.

The limescale system, being magnetic, is produced with a natural magnet and does not require any type of electrical connection.


All our electrical panels are made of high quality materials and brands of primary importance.

We provide consulting, planning and realization.

The choice of materials and the correct design guarantee the durability of our electrical panels, which are designed to be compatible with the modern breeding system, which requires efficiency, safety and high quality.

The panels are manufactured in compliance with CE, 50 HZ and 60 HZ standards.

The design is handled internally by our technical department based on the needs of the customer.