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CGM IMPIANTI s.r.l.s. is a company of primary importance in the design, construction and sale of ventilation and cooling systems for the livestock sector and modular opening systems for industrial and agricultural sheds.

The main strength of C.G.M. Impianti is represented by its corporate team: the over twenty years experience of the partner and CEO, Mr. Massimino Gianpiero, in terms of plant conception and design, together with the knowledge and professionalism of the production and installation department, guarantees the highest quality of the finished product as well as meeting the needs of a sector in continuous technological evolution.

The administrative and sales departments also guarantee a fluid relationship with customers, who can rely on professional and reliable staff.

The C.G.M. Impianti is a family-run company whose corporate mission is represented by the development of solutions dedicated to breeding that take animal welfare into primary consideration.

The market of C.G.M. Impianti is not limited to the Italian territory, extending both to the EU (Spain, France, Finland, Slovenia, Ukraine.) And non-EU level (Chile, Peru, USA and Saudi Arabia).

The passion and commitment invested daily by Mr. Massimino and his family makes C.G.M. Installations a solid company reality as well as an excellence in the sector.